Today, dated 26th May 2021 marks the end of my chapter with Bloomr.SG. In the blink of an eye two and a half years flew by. We launched Bloomr.SG MCN in partnership with YouTube and IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority), expanded our business lines, and diversified our industry portfolio. As I write this, I am taking a trip down my memory lane and sharing some of my learnings.

I remember how I got an interview at Bloomr.SG. It was a year after I joined my first job in a management consulting firm. Reflecting on my career, and what I wanted…

If we closely observe AI algorithms, we can draw analogies between the workings of AI algorithms and life lessons — and human nature.

1 // Algorithms don’t rely on “first impressions” or data that is initially fed. If they did, then algorithms would be inaccurate and biased. On the other hand, AI algorithms get updated frequently.

We give too much importance to “first impression”, and use those distorted and inaccurate stories to mislead ourselves until we encounter a huge failure and we have to wake up to the reality and truth.

Key Take-away: Question and update your “first impression” and old beliefs about people, places, experiences, and the world.

2 // Algorithms don’t have “ego”. They learn continuously — yet fiercely — from errors to perform better.

Often, we find it painful to admit we are wrong, and sometimes end up blaming circumstances, find excuses for ourselves, justify our mistakes, and…

The first part on “Winning Strategies for Great Customer Experience” was about DEFINING targets and brand purpose, and the second part was on DEVELOPING strategies for a comprehensive Customer Experience (CX) transformation roadmap.

In this part, I will be discussing the third strategy — the strategy to DELIVER new experiences that is adaptable and nimble to the changes in customer behaviours, preferences, and trends. There are 4 capabilities that I see critical for success:

1 // Customer-centricity

From the C-suite to the business front, employees must have the necessary tools and skills to deliver the best possible experience for stakeholders and customers.

In my previous article on “Winning Strategies for Great Customer Experience — Part 1” I had outlined some best practices on defining targets and brand purpose as the first out of the three strategies to deliver great Customer Experience. (CX)

The recent shifts in consumer behaviours, lifestyle, expectations and mindsets brought about by COVID-19 are pushing brands to transform how they connect with their customers and audience. Many brands are faced with inertia, and are overwhlemed by the many challenges and changes driving across every silo in the organisation.

It’s now time for brands to execute customer-experience transformations in what I have simplified into three fundamental strategies:

  1. Clearly defining targets and purpose
  2. Transforming business through Agile methodology
  3. Embracing new capabilities on technology, advanced analytics and mind-sets

By combining all three, brands can stand out from the rest in their respective…

There’s at least one solution or outcome for even the most inscrutable problem out there. We are all involved with problem solving at every moment — across our work and our personal life. After years of problem solving with leaders and experts across business, and specific areas of lifestyle, I’ve found that having an open and a curious mindset, while developing a systematic process for cracking even the most unfathomable problem works the best — especially when conditions of uncertainties are at their peak.

Here are the five strategies and approaches that you may adopt to crack the code:


The main goal of advertising is that it should resonate with its audience. When a brand communicates to us in a way that we “feel heard”, and consequently feel noticed, and involved, then we are more inclined to favour that brand — and that is the magic of innovative advertising.

You might have come across the phrase “Hearing is passive, and listening is active”. Listening requires understanding about how your audience is feeling, what they are thinking, what they want and why they want it, what their motivations are, and how their habits are evolving over a period of time…

Here’s my take on media companies — Unless media companies step up and transform their view and abilities on product innovation, they will be eaten by tech and new players. Only those that fully embrace that product innovation in media is the intersection between creatives, user experience, software, data and analytics will thrive.

In this “tech-eats-everything-world”, it is important for media companies to rethink, and to start new ways of viewing Innovation from the perspective of their product.

Innovation in media is not just about the creatives and technology side by side — it is about the complete integration of…

With heightened expectations about privacy, first party data has become one of the most valuable assets that brands have. It paints a simple and a clear picture of consumer behavior, sentiments, segments, and trends. It communicates crucial, timely messages. It measures consumer journeys with better and reliable accuracy.

Canny marketers and the savviest consultants link their relevant data sources, online or offline, to identify trends and consequently define their potential audience. However, evolving regulations and policies have impacted the way brands can effectively use their first-party data in a privacy-led, responsible way.

For instance, with Apple’s new privacy update, app…

As each week of our shared reality has unfolded, our new found Pandora’s box of emotions, thoughts and motivation that were once hidden within us (until around a month back before the madness of COVID-19 began) has opened up fresh thoughts on outlook towards a changed lifestyle —

  1. What the “New Normal” will be?
  2. Emotions of anxiety, composure, boredom, and fear while we adjust, jury-rig, improvise and experiment
  3. Motivation to do things that we have always wanted to do — becoming home chefs, modest artists, laid-back writers, and things that we have started to do as a group digitally —…

Janani Sridhar

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